Our bohemian street is waiting for you!

Kyiv is not just the capital of Ukraine, but one of the most important cultural centers of the country. If you imagine a certain zone of Kiev in the form of a museum, then this will definitely be Tereshchenkivska Street. After all, this is a wonderful place, gathered so many interesting places in the field of art and culture. You can spend more than one day, in order to fully enjoy the beauty of all things in no hurry. You can start your day with a cup of coffee in the park of Taras Shevchenko, and then go for an excursion to the museum of Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko. And why then do not jump into the BURSA ZIVOPISI (Alternative Art School), and not create your first picture? And then you can go and pick up a look for the future musical festival, in the studio of the Ukrainian brand OSTEL.

Or to continue the cultural program and still be filled with paintings in the national museum of Russian art. Are you thinking  it all? But no, because Tereschenkivska inherits a stunning gallery of VOLOSHYN Gallery. The real place of strength filled with museums, park, university, school of English, studio of clothing, Art School, coffee shops, galleries, and even an antique shop! Each house, street, arch includes a lot of hidden treasures: a mosaic, incredible beauty of the facade, stucco molding. Our bohemian street is waiting for you!

It`s time boho style!

Spring and summer gradually sneak up to us, which means that the time will come for festivals, concerts, fairs. There will be such festivals in Ukraine as Kyiv Music Days2019, Hall of Fest Festival, Ostrov Festival 2019, Kupala, and foreign - EUROPAfest (Bucharest), Dixieland Festival (Dresden), Jazz Rally Festival (Dusseldorf), Burning Man (Desert Black Rock), Coachella (California), Tomorrowland (Bom), Sziget Festival (Budapest) and many others. This is a good opportunity to showcase yourself!

Festivals - it's not only leisure, entertainment, but also time for expressing your style, namely the boho, which is most relevant for the festivals! Multilayer, baggy, eclectic, deformation, livelihood effect and asymmetry - these are the qualities that can emphasize your bohemian, creative personality and create a wonderful boho-style.
What is boho style (Boho -bohemian)? First of all, boho is a story, an involvement in the lives of many peoples. After all, it is Boho who creates within us a connection with nature, the planet, and, possibly, antiquity. It creates the feeling that the thing is wandering and has its own personal history. People who created this style were incredibly creative, natural and authentic. They gave their lives to love, freedom, art, the knowledge of the world and themselves. And all of this can be easily created and displayed with the help of clothing. That is why we have created a collection of looks in the style of boho from the clothes of the brand OSTEL.

Boho style is characterized by the use of natural fabrics and the presence of jewelry from precious stones and minerals. Boho is a respect for our House and its inhabitants, because the current trend is redesign, re-use of materials that positively affects our planet. All this is actively used by the designer of the Ukrainian brand OSTEL - Olga Stelmakhova.

And now let's try to deal with what is actually boho-style in clothing. The basis is the use of natural materials such as cotton, flax and hemp. As well as the use of natural, natural colors - brown, terracotta, olive, ivory, sandy, pale blue.

Harmonious will be the combination of the colors that you most often observe in nature. All this can be emphasized with accessories made of stones, hats made of cotton or straw.

In addition, a highlight of your style will be any ethnic ornament or interesting pattern, this will create an association with the ancient world.

If you want to emphasize authenticity, bohemianism, communication with nature, then do not be afraid to experiment! And we will gladly to help you with this!