“JAZZ FACES '18” is a joint fashion-project of jazz singer and composer Laura Marti and the brand OSTEL.

Especially for the collection bright portraits of famous jazz musicians were painted by a Ukrainian illustrator, a finalist of the International Biennale of fashion illustration competition IMAGO Inna Komendant, who curently lives and works in the Czech Republic.

“JAZZ FACES '18” consists of six exquisite, “brave” outfit with the portraits of outstanding personalities in jazz world: TANIA MARIA (Brazil), MARIA JOÃO (Portugal), DIANNE REEVES (USA), DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER (USA), LARS DANIELSSON (Sweden), ESPERANZA SPALDING (USA).

We hope you will enjoy all of them and they will help you create you own jazz image.

By the way, almost all musicians, have performed at the ukranian jazz festivals: Leopolis Jazz Fest (Alfa Jazz Fest), Jazz in Kiev. So ukranian jazz fans had the unique chance to listen to them.

JAZZ is a special kind of music that gives you an opportunity to be always contamporary and every time new.

JAZZ has so many colors, shadows, moods, emotions, senses and so much depth that it’s like enixostible source of inspiration, in which you surely find yourself.

JAZZ makes you be attentive, be able to listen, think, and tell your story to people in an interesting way.

An important feature of Jazz is "improvisation", which speaking generally, is a ticket to the world of freedom.

It's like a life in which every moment is different.