The prototype of the new collection became heroes of British movie ‘Peaky Blinders’ and photos of the 1912 - 1948 crime world from Peter Doyle's book ‘CROOKS LIKE US’.  As a new world was being built in the 20 years and at the same time a global crisis was felt, it was a period of peak expression of personality, strength, survival and style.  Men were persistent and brutal, their style emphasizing purposefulness.  We wanted to empower women with these qualities, to give them strength, comfort and noble practicality.  The new collection is called 'CROOKS', it is both for men and women, it is unisex in most looks (only 3 dresses in the collection as an exception).  When we were creating the collection, all the wishes of the men regarding the details and comfort of each look were taken into account.  This gave the understanding that for men, first of all, are important practical comfort and many pockets))) We are glad that we can adopt these values ​​for women!